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How it works

It’s amazingly simple! You choose a plan, and we'll deliver sustainably caught fish, which taste like they were just caught from the sea, right to your doorstep. You'll always receive the fillets pre-cut into individual portions, vacuum-sealed, and frozen. There's no easier way to get top-notch fish that's already prepared for cooking, is there? :-)

I Want Wild Fish!

Why Alaskan Fisherman

  • Fish like no other

    Wild fish are one of the best foods in the world (no, they can't be compared to anything available in supermarkets)

  • Under our control

    We're real fishermen and oversee the entire process (no, we don't let anyone else near our fish)

  • Regular delivery to your doorstep

    We'll conveniently deliver the fish right to your doorstep according to the frequency of your subscription (no, you won't have to go anywhere to get them)

Our Boxes

These are special insulated boxes of 12 or 24 pieces of fish delivered to your doorstep every month. They are portioned, shock-frozenThe process of shock freezing does not create ice crystals and does not harm the structure of the meat., vacuum-sealed This prevents the meat from drying out and keeps it as fresh as if it were just caught from the sea. and incredibly tasty.

I Want My Box!

Playing Fair

We catch the best fish in the wildest nature in the most sustainable way. This approach is reflected in how we do business, so there are no fine print contracts or tricks. 

You can adjust or cancel your program anytime, and if anything doesn't meet your expectations or you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll give you your money back. 

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