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Wild fish straight from fisherman

A piece of Alaska delivered to your table on a regular basis

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Our fish

For Alaskan Fisherman customers, we select only the best cuts of fish from the catch that are in the best condition and have the highest quality meat. With wine, it's called berry selection - we call it fish selection. That's how seriously we take our mission.

We butcher them on the spot, shock freeze them, vacuum pack them and that's why they're unbelievably delicious at your house. We pack them in our boxes of 12 or 24 portions and deliver them to your door as often as you need.

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We Are Alaskan Fishermen

And we have our own fleet of three boats - Incentive, Seabrooke, and Wild Island.

Seabrooke - Alaskan Fisherman fishing vessel

"Ahoy, I first came to Alaska in 2002, fell in love with it, and it never let me go. In 2010, I started managing a factory in Bristol Bay, and gradually began investing in fishing boats and fishing myself. Thanks to that, we can bring you fish directly from the fishermen - from us."

VOJTA NOVÁK Founder of Alaskan Fisherman

The footage used in the video features our boat, Incentive, and is from the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch series.

Customer Reviews

Standa, České Budějovice

I recently tried the boxes from Alaskan Fisherman with wild Alaskan salmon and I am very impressed with the quality of the fish.

The individual portions are the right size, and the overall packaging is very well done, keeping the fish frozen during transport.

The taste and texture of the fish is fantastic. I highly recommend these boxes of salmon or cod to anyone looking for healthy and sustainable fish.

Jan Pernica, Praha

I buy fish from Alaskan Fisherman for one reason. They taste completely different from the same type of fish that is commonly available in the Czech Republic. It feels like we're eating a completely different fish. Our little daughter loves these fish and we do too.

Petra Vavrincová, Olovnice

I had the opportunity to taste fish from Alaskan Fisherman, which are pre-packaged by weight and deeply frozen. I am really impressed with their taste, texture and most importantly, they are almost waterless due to processing, which I really appreciate. I can only recommend them :).

Georgi Margaritov, Praha

Hello, Kristýna!

I just wanted to tell you that the salmon you brought us is incomparable to what is commonly available on the market. Simply excellent!

Thanks! G.M.

Michaela Horníková, Tuřany

As a mother of two children, I always look for and can recommend this high-quality fish. Quick delivery, pleasant communication, and finally, excellent taste!

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