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Fish Variants

I Want Wild Fish!

Why are our prices set this way?

Our prices reflect:

1. Risks associated with wild fish capture

  • We catch fish in their natural habitat. It's unpredictable. We never know how many will be in a given place. Various factors play a role, for instance, fish migration, weather, currents, etc.
  • We can fish only at certain times of the year. Due to this limited availability, we sell only a limited amount of products.

2. International transportation and customs costs

  • Our products must travel from distant Alaska to us in Central Europe. Moreover, we have to utilize sea transportation, which is very expensive.
  • Upon import, we are required to pay customs and other tax fees, which are essential for legal trading on the international market.

3. Sustainability and responsible fishing practices

  • We catch wild fish sustainably. Among other things, we don’t use trawl nets, preferring to catch fewer fish over a longer period of time. The price of the product includes the costs of maintaining ecological balance and preserving fish populations for future generations.
  • We also pay attention to packaging selection. We want them to be recyclable or reusable to the greatest possible extent. With food products like fish, this is quite a costly challenge.

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